How Much Are Abortions

This article will not discuss pros and cons of an abortion. It is dedicated to help women that are unable to give birth at the moment due to health issues, physical or financial inability, or in case when the pregnancy is result of rape or incest. Although paying for the abortion is not usually an issue for many, women need to know how much are abortions in advance. Unfortunately, except for a small number of cases, abortion is not free. Below is detailed information and live examples how much does abortion cost.

How much are abortions

There are four major factors that determine how much does an abortion cost. They are the method of abortion used, pregnancy stage, insurance cover and where you choose to make the abortion

Method of abortion

There are two types of abortion – medical (or pill) abortion and surgical abortion with latter being more expensive than the first. This is due to the fact that the surgical interference requires a skilled professional, involves surgical procedure and may be riskier for the patient.

Pregnancy stage

Abortion in the later stages of pregnancy is usually more expensive. It is simply more complicated compared to abortion in the early stages. Please be aware, that after 24th pregnancy week abortion will be done only in the rare cases of serious health issues. If that is the case, call the National Abortion Federation at 1-877-257-0012 and they will advise you for the most suitable local specialist. Typically it is best to undertake an abortion not later than 10-12 week of pregnancy.


Women can choose between physician’s office, clinic, or hospital. How much are abortions in each of them? Abortion in clinic is the cheapest out of the three options, starting from $350.  You can expect to pay about $450 – $500 at a physician’s office. Hospital stay is the most expensive out of these three and is 30% higher compared to the stay in clinic. Additionally, if your condition requires longer hospital stay you will have to pay additionally for each overnight stay.

Insurance cover

Most of the insurance plans cover the cost of abortion. Calculating how much are abortions is not a big issue when you are protected by a good insurance cover. Insured women may expect to pay as little as $20 -$150 to cover their part of all abortion costs.

Other costs

When calculating how much does an abortion cost, you may have to add some additional expenses depending on your particular case.

Additional expenses may occur if the there is no specialist or clinic nearby. The other costs include travel expenses, overnight stay and wages lost for the days off work between initial consult and the abortion.

How much are EXTRA abortions costs:

- oral post-abortion pain medicals and antibiotics. Those range from $90 for antibiotics to $200 for oral Valium

- additional tests after the abortion such as blood test to prevent danger of infections due to remaining pregnancy tissues. Usually these are up to a hundred dollars.

- twilight local anesthetic in surgical abortions – if you opt for this kind of pain relief you may add an extra $100 to the total bill

Average abortion cost

how much does abortion cost

How much does an abortion cost?

The rough estimation answering the question How much are abortions?’ depends primarily of the abortion method used. Medical (pill) abortion costs between $350 and $700. This includes pre-abortion counseling, post-abortion evaluation and the medicals.

Surgical abortion ranges from $350 to $900 and includes pre-abortion counseling, surgeon’s fees, anesthetic, and facility fees.

To sum it up: answer of how much does an abortion cost is anywhere between $350 and $1000 range.

Federally funded abortions

Abortion is absolutely legal in US, although, there are some restrictions for spending federal money to cover abortion costs. The restriction forbids funding abortions except if the woman’s life is endangered, or in the case of rape or incest. Those restrictions reflect federal spending only. Twenty-three states use their own funds to additionally support low-income women or fund abortions for health reasons. There are several organizations in US that can help you with funding, with Medicaid being one of them. It is best to consult the National Abortion Federation or even your gynecologist – they can help you find qualified professional or give you advice for opportunities to fund your abortion.

How Much Are Abortions – Final Thoughts

In the case of abortion, the earlier you do it – the better and safer it is. Whatever is your situation, NEVER EVER let the question how much does an abortion cost and its answer even even slip a thought in your head about doing illegal abortion at home or with someone different than licensed professional. Aside from being a bit cheaper, illegal abortion is extremely dangerous, involves much higher risk of complications, and can cause severe harm, infections or even lethal end. It is extremely important that you only find and trust certified and qualified professional for your abortion.

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